SAP Technology

The original and core focus of our company is consulting on the SAP Technology Platform, an area in which we have 12 years of experience and numerous certifications from the SAP corporation. We are happy to help you with any technical problem. This may involve issues with hardware, the operating system, the network or connection of the SAP system to third-party products. We can also handle standard non-SAP technologies, such as Apache Tomcat, Squid, MySQL, MongoDB and others.


Our experienced team of ABAP programmers uses state-of-the-art programming techniques and follows the latest trends and development of standard objects.

We produce clean, modern, commented, efficient and easy-to-maintain code.

We are not afraid of big projects, but are also happy to fix small issues for you. We put a lot of emphasis on performance optimisation.

There may be no need to spend your money on new servers or to wait for your reports. The majority of frequently executed customer transactions can be made faster.


An important part of our consulting services is the management of a wide range of relational databases. Our consultants are certified for installation, upgrading and maintenance of:

  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MaxDB

For us, performance optimisation, stability and the security of your data are paramount.


Do you need to securely connect your branches or enable employees to work securely from home or while travelling? Do you wish to back up your data in a geographically different location? How about imposing the right restrictions on internet access in your firm? Are you fighting a losing battle with spam? Have you become a victim of hackers? Talk to us!

With us, your data will be comfortably within reach from anywhere, at any time.

HW sizing

You may have your preferred supplier of hardware. You trust them on issues of quality and price but you are not sure if you actually need new hardware. Or perhaps you are not sure if the new hardware will suffice. Be smart! Ask us for an analysis of your needs. We follow the latest hardware trends on behalf of our customers. We also know when it pays to stick to tried-and-true technologies.