Advanced Reorg

Advanced Reorg for SAP and DB2 is an integrated software product that enables automatic optimisation of DB2 LUW databases, starting with version 9.5.

It automatically monitors the state of tables regarding their fragmentation, compression ratios and the appropriateness of the selected algorithm. It also examines the state of indices and LOB objects.

The chosen database objects are continually optimised; this is done intelligently according to relevant priorities, depending on the current use of  the object and the system load. It always picks the most appropriate method (online reorg, offline reorg, table move, with or without recompression) with regard to the installed version of DB2. In a standard SAP ERP system, it reduces the size and growth of the database by about 30% and cuts the response time, on average, by up to 50%.

Advanced Reorg for SAP and DB2  complements and simplifies database administration, significantly reducing related operating costs.

We would be happy to show you actual improvements achieved in real cases.